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YT Investor Services provides effective guidance and assistance throughout the overall process related to the setting-up of an investment fund and to the formation of a company.

With capabilities encompassing tax, accounting and regulatory matters, YT Investor Services advises its clients on the best-fitted structure or on the adjustment of existing ones.

Our independence enables us to take a flexible approach, tailoring appropriate services to suit specific requests while ensuring that regulatory obligations are met.

Services addressed to:


  • RAIF - Reserved Alternative Investment Funds 
    Law of 23 July 2016

  • SIF - Specialized Investment Funds 
    Law of 13 February 2007

  • SICAR - Risk Capital Investment Companies
    Law of 15 June 2004

  • UCI Part II - Undertaking for Collective Investments
    Law of 17 December 2010

Fund sponsors and asset managers

  • AIFM – Alternative Investment Fund Managers
    Law of 12 July 2013

  • Management Companies
    Law of 17 December 2010 - Chapter 15 and Chapter 16

High-end investors

  • Securitization vehicles
    Law of 22 March 2004

  • SOPARFI - Financial Holding Companies
    SPV - Special Purpose Vehicles
    Law of 10 August 1915

  • SPF – Family Wealth Management Companies
    Law of 11 May 2007

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