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 YT Investor Services provides advice and support in view of the appropriate administration of wealth management and of the adequacy of a financial planning.

YT Investor services offers a comprehensive set of services related to the oversight of personal or family wealth management, including the co-ordination of asset managers and of financial advisors, and the production of performance and risk indicators by way of customized reporting.

YT Investor Services can provide assistance in terms of planning and structuring: we assist HNWI / UHNWI to effectively transfer existing wealth across generations.

Services addressed to:

High-end investors

  • SIF - Specialized Investment Funds
    Law of 13 February 2007

  • SOPARFI - Financial Holding Companies
    SPV - Special Purpose Vehicles
    Law of 10 August 1915

  • SPF – Family Wealth Management Companies
    Law of 11 May 2007

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